Lumumba continuity

On April 22nd the polity of the capital city will send in the youngest mayor in recent history regardless of who wins. The victor will provide a certain measure of continuity since both the son of the late mayor and the councilman have been a party to city governance. If Chokwe Antar Lumumba wins, he will have another group of advisers and perhaps change a couple department heads. The Yarber municipal government would likely return some former public servants as his institutional knowledge is deeper and more conservative. His campaign contributors have been patricians, former officials and contractors of the state and local governments. The Yarber supporters have a distaste for the radical democratic rhetoric and populism of the Lumumbas. The Lumumbas have introduced a theory of government that marginalizes council, bureaucracy, the middle men, and contractors of the old city functioning. The Lumumba emphasis on right of the people to petition the government through novel forms such as the ‘people’s congress’ in each ward has shaken the normal political class operations in this city. The special mayoral election had three council members in the race though they demurred on questioning this Lumumba tactic of direct democracy which derails the regular ward functioning. The structure of city contracting will be re-tooled to include new business partners and participants if the Lumumba continuity is affirmed by the April 22nd election. I prefer the Lumumba continuity in this city.